Why Hurricanes Don’t Change People’s Minds

What seems clearest to me in recent weeks is that telling the story (or perhaps yelling the story) of climate change and the peril of our planet is not producing the needed results. And by that I mean, it’s not just convincing the aggressive deniers like Donald Trump, it’s also failing to change in deeply meaningful ways, ordinary folk like you and I who drag our recycling bins to the curb each week but still have an awfully large carbon footprint. … More Why Hurricanes Don’t Change People’s Minds

Visits with Anger

Welcome anger when it arrives. It can be a most helpful visitor. You may even give it safe harbour in your life for a time. Perhaps a season. Let anger instruct you a little. It might tell you about those disappointments and hurts you’ve overlooked for too long. It might remind you of what’s really … More Visits with Anger