Visits with Anger

Welcome anger when it arrives. It can be a most helpful visitor. You may even give it safe harbour in your life for a time. Perhaps a season. Let anger instruct you a little. It might tell you about those disappointments and hurts you’ve overlooked for too long. It might remind you of what’s really … More Visits with Anger

Tantrums in the World of Trick-or-Treat

My own ingratitude “haunts” me on this, the most haunted night of the year. Perhaps these visitors who raise my ire are mere apparitions of my own greed and entitlement. It challenges me to rethink my approach. What if I saw each home that hands out candy as an expression of generosity rather than owing me quality goodies? What if I recognized that everything in my life is gift from a generous universe that owes me nothing, but provides “treats” nonetheless? … More Tantrums in the World of Trick-or-Treat