So this is the guy behind the writing at Deep In Wonder.

about photo

I decided not to put up a glossy photo-shopped version of myself because it’s important that you see me as I am, and not some idealized version. This is what I look like most days, so if you see me in real life this is what you get.

I try to let wonder enter my life and open me to the amazing world we live in. It seems an important antidote to all of the suffering and difficulty life brings.

I started this blog as a project to stretch myself into some public writing after recognizing the need to for a creative outlet and having learned so much from the patients I have the privilege of serving. I haven’t followed the “rules of successful blogging”: having a target audience, having a narrow focus, or marketing my work. I have no idea where any of it will lead, but I hope that something I write about will be helpful to a few of my fellow humans on the hard road of life.

While I do have a doctorate in clinical psychology, a license to practice as a Psychologist, and over 14 years of experience in private practice, my qualifications as a therapist are also deeply rooted in my life, my values, my character, my personal experiences of suffering and growth, and stumbling my way through challenges in life.

I aim to be humble, live well, stay focused on things that really matter, and promote life to its fullest all around me. Some days I actually succeed at this. I’m involved in several community projects aimed at improving the health of neighborhoods, kids, and people on the margins of society. I do all of this because I believe we as humans are part of a global family and that the welfare of others, no matter who they are, impacts each of us.

You can find out more about me at my clinical practice website: www.helpfulchanges.com, or follow me on Twitter.